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how to choose your gemstone

Do you already possess the basic jewelry skills like soldering, drilling and filing. Then now is the time to add some color to your jewelry!  Doyou know how to choose your gemstones? You need to consider every stone carefully before you buy it. After buying the stone it’s time to design a beautiful jewel where your stone can be an eye catcher. You need to create the perfect setting for your stone. A setting that is strong, beautiful and ensures that the light can capture the inside of your stone. The details of your jewelry will reveal if you are a hobbyist or a professional.

Learning new skills can go faster!
gemstone settings`

Learning how to make settings correctly for every type of stone and how to set those stones are an important part of a jewelry training. But sadly, it is not taken seriously in many professional trainings. 

Let me tell you about my own experience. In my 2 year ‘classical jewelry’ training, I learned to make settings according to a work sheet. I had to recreate every exercise correctly till 1/10th of a mm. So I learned to work very precise. But I had no idea which size of stones I was making a setting for, or how to adapt the setting for a different kind of stone.

During the 4 years of art academy, It was all very experimental. That is important as well to cultivate your creativity and to broaden your vision. But you cannot become a professional jeweler without the correct technical knowledge.  

In my 6 years of  training

  • I did not learn how to adapt a setting to a certain size of stone.
  • I only learned to make settings for round and oval stones (excuse me??)
  • I did not know how to prepare a setting the correct way, so it would have the desired look when the stone setting work is finished.
  • I did not learn to set, which gives you a lot of inside knowledge in how to build your setting.

You can learn everything about bezel settings in 1 course!

I love color and I love gemstones even more. So I dedicated years of selfstudy to find the best ways to adjust bezel settings for every kind of cut. I took evening classes to become a stone setter, not because I want to set all the stones by myself. But  I needed this knowledge to really understand how to create the most beautiful settings!

Let me teach you everything I know about these bezel settings. That way, you can make your bezel settings in the correct way, right from the start! 

An Justens

An Justens



The bezel settings course is a must for every goldsmith and is interesting for both beginners and advanced students. It is fun to get acquainted with many types of settings. Each setting is also clearly explained and demonstrated by Lotte. The documentation you receive is very detailed so that you can get started at home. And certainly not to forget all the useful tips and tricks that Lotte  gives you, they are worth their weight in gold.
Earrings made by An, insta @eyecreate4you

After taking the 'Bezel Setting' course

cabochon bezel setting
You know how to select your gemstones.
You can design and adapt your bezel setting to every kind of cut or size.
You can adjust your setting to your jewelry design.
You can set your own stones.
€ 477,-

Bezel settings course

In this course you will learn all there is to know about bezel settings during 5 hours of film, pictures and graphics. You will learn to create bezel settings for all cuts and how to set the stones yourself. You will have continued acces to the course and the learning platform. You get free access to all future updates. When you have any questions, you can ask them on the platform. I am there to monitor and add additional information if needed. 
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Inge Morel



I have just started the course. The first modules were good to refresh my memory and then the real work starts. I will make all of the settings one by one. Lotte's explanations are very good. I can recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with settings!
- FAQ-
  • Who is this course for? This course is ideal for every jeweler who finished a basic training and wants to learn to work with gemstones. These are the kind of settings you want to start with. Do you already have some experience with settings, and is it time for you to learn how to set them? Then this is the right place as well. I will discuss and show you how to close the settings for all the different cuts.
    The manner in which you finish your setting will speak on your abilities as a jeweler. I will teach you how to do this in a professional way to get a very beautiful and clean result!  
  • When and how long do I have access to the course? You have complete acces to the course as soon as you make the payment. You will receive a welcome email and your login. As long as I am teaching you will have access to the course, let's hope that's for another 20+ years!
  • What materials do I need? You need your basic jewelry equipment and some specific tools for stonesetting: setting tools (I make my own, and will add a course about this), a good drill, magnifier glasses, soft rubber burs, protoplast or thermolock, a ring clamp, a vise and a chasing hammer (or a light goldsmith's hammer). Information about all these tools is included in the lessons.
  • How many hours of film are included? 5+ hours
  • Can we ask questions? Yes you can, I moderate the learning platform.

"What you learn with pleasure, you never forget."   Alfred Mercier